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Business Insurance in Mt. Clemens, MI

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Business Insurance in Michigan

Business Insurance Protection

Steer your business with full confidence by taking advantage of our business insurance policies. Get the right policy for your business to protect your company, employees, finances, and your business’ future. We understand that businesses are industry-specific that’s why our agents are experienced to accommodate whatever business you have.

Our business owners policy (BOP) mixes business liability, commercial property, business property, income, and equipment breakdown into a cost-effective package for your business. Call us and we’ll eagerly give you a reliable business insurance quote.

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Vehicle InsuranceWorkers’ Compensation

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Coverage for Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. Business owners such as yourself work hard every day and strive to be successful. At Olmstead Insurance Group, we help you protect your business by providing customized business or commercial insurance solutions to support you and your budget.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance helps you when:

  • Your employee gets injured during working hours
  • Your employee gets into a vehicular accident while running errands for your company
  • One of your assistants gets carpal tunnel syndrome from working on the computer

Protecting your employees is also protecting your business. Contact one of our agents and we’re sure to help you out.

Workers’ Compensation
Crime Insurance

Crime Insurance

This offers crime-related losses which are not typically covered by commercial property insurance. Crime insurance offers:

  • Employee dishonesty coverage
  • Forgery or alteration coverage
  • Theft of money and securities coverage
  • Burglary or robbery coverage
  • Computer fraud coverage
Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

This covers injuries that you or your employees may cause to other people and/or property while driving. Commercial auto insurance policies include (but not limited to):

  • Liability coverage
  • Medical payments coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • And more

Contact us at 586-465-3473 and we’re sure to help you out with the details.

Business Income Insurance

Business income coverage can help you:

  • Replace lost net income during the period of restoration that you would have earned if no physical loss or damage had occurred
  • Pay for necessary continuing normal operating expenses, including ordinary payroll expenses
  • Pay for relocation expenses and advertising fees if you set up shop at a temporary site

This works with your property policy and provides coverage for unforeseen events such as fire, hail, vandalism, or damages that may cause direct physical loss which interrupts your business. Contact one of our agents to assist you in customizing the right insurance policy that fits your business.

Business Income Insurance

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